Selamat Hari Raya

The month of Ramadan is often welcomed by an array of dazzling midnight lights every year, especially around Sims Avenue or Geylang – spend a nice evening dining at one of the many diverse local eateries lining the boulevard, followed by a stroll down the neon-bright arches of light featuring iconic symbols such as mosques and kompangs. The lights usually come on after 7p.m., and the festival starts in May and can last well until June. 

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore
Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

The Great Singapore Sale!

Hungry for a taste of the greatest shopping capital this side of the continent? The Great Singapore Sale should be the big event you’re looking forward to every year! Starting from June and lasting all the way to July, this annual, month-long event ignites the shopping craze in both locals and visitors alike. Food, clothes, knicknacks, books: everything you need goes at a discounted price, especially in retail hotspots such as Chinatown and Orchard Road. Mark your calendars!

Powered by Film

Watching old movies isn’t the same without the accompanying experience of a hushed movie theatre, in the low buzzing atmosphere of dimmed lights and anticipation. The local favourite The Projector is one of the places you can go to watch both old favourites and new discoveries, featuring a wealth of Singaporean films as well as many more cult classics and foreign indies. As a bonus, they’re always hosting events or film weeks that may just lead you to your next dearest flim, so go give them some love!

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore