Selamat Hari Raya

The month of Ramadan is often welcomed by an array of dazzling midnight lights, and this year’s display certainly doesn’t disappoint. Spend a fine night dining at one of the many eateries along Sims Avenue or Geylang, followed by a stroll down the neon-bright arches of light featuring iconic symbols such as mosques and kompangs. The lights come on at 7pm every night, until midnight. 

Until May 23

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore
Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

Live Music is Back, Baby!

For too long have the stages of Singapore sat empty, and with the loosening of Covid restrictions, the music scene is poised to come roaring back – with the assistance of Tiger Beer. The Tiger Crystal Fire Stages is hosting 25 local bands at Timber+ from April 30 to June 26, including fan favourites like Benjamin Kheng (of The Sam Willows fame), RENE, and SuperSonic (who is accepting song requests on their website). So crack open a cold one and hop on down to catch some tunes, live!

Until June 26

Powered by Film

Ever wanted to watch old movies in a converted power station? You may now indulge in this hyper-specific fantasy with Projector X: Electric Cinema, a one-weekend only showcase of films carefully curated by The Projector that will be screened inside the cavernous innards of Pasir Panjang Power Station A. Outfitted with lights and a booming sound system, the building nonetheless retains its raw industrial architecture, creating the perfect atmosphere to watch films like Blade Runner: The Final Cut and the latest sensation, Dune.

May 6 – May 8

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore