Life is much better when you live with Homey

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

At Homey, you get nothing less than the highest of standards. You’ll find yourself a carefully curated home that is kept fresh and well-organised from the day you move in.

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

Share fun experiences and forge new friendships as you join our community get-togethers to strengthen the bond between Homeys ! Whether you thrive in groups or prefer a little quality me-time, Homey is the place where you can get the best of both worlds.

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

Homey is more than a home; it can be a haven of comfort to rediscover leisure. Take a dip, make a dish, explore what we have in store for the ultimate co-living experience.

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

Our homes are specifically chosen to improve your daily routines. On top of living in a vibrant neighbourhood, a trip to a variety of dining options, supermarkets, and MRT stations are all just minutes away from home.

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

Homey makes sure that you get a bang for your buck! We take pride in our rates being considered the best value for money in the industry. Chic, comfortable, convenient and connective community living made affordable. That's Homey's promise!

Homey Co-living – Flexible Short Rental in Singapore

Lease to young
working professionals
on their way up in life

- THOI, Electrical and Computer Science Engineer
Manipur, India

“Apart from feeling like home which is very clean and tidy, the most important thing I like about Homey co-living is the operator themselves where they are very trustworthy and caring.”

“Whenever there is a problem in the house, Homey responds to it immediately.”

- SIMON, Intern

“It’s very nice to live here with people from different countries with different cultures. Also, you have a very nice opportunity here in the condo to do some sports, they have a cool fitness center, and also have a very nice pool there.”

“It’s very nice that you can always reach the community manager.”

“I will especially recommend Homey to you guys who are going to stay in Bishan for your internship.”

VALENTINA, Financial Services

“My office is just a 5-minute walk from this place so the location is perfectly incredible, especially when you do traveling, it’s quite convenient to stay somewhere close by.”

“I love that this is a new block with all the facilities, the apartment and the room itself is very clean and tidy. You have cleaners come in every week, it is incredible to clean the common areas which is something quite important and convenient for everyone in the apartment.”

“Homey is definitely a 10/10. Really enjoyed it here, had a great time, and I would recommend it to any of my friends or people I know who are looking for a new space.”